Cell Polarity and membrane trafficking, 10-15 May 2014Cell Polarity and membrane trafficking, 10-15 May 2014

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eLife Sciences

eLife is a unique collaboration between funders and practitioners of research to communicate influential discoveries in the life and biomedical sciences in the most effective way.

We are a joint initiative of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society, and the Wellcome Trust. Along with a growing number of public and private research funders worldwide, these three organisations recognise that the communication of research results is as fundamental a component of the research process as the experiments themselves. Disseminating new findings as widely and effectively as possible maximises the value of research investments. The first step in the initiative is to establish a new, open-access venue for the most important advances — from basic biological research through to applied, translational and clinical studies.

The eLife journal will be a platform for extending the reach and influence of new discoveries and to showcase new approaches to the presentation, use, and assessment of research.

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